WordFish (16)

The silence pounds at my eardrums louder than a construction site for a New York city skyscraper. Words like fish in a pond that I have to grab with my own bare hands. Numbly staring at the wall as it laughs at my sickness while I cough back fumes of ink, amounting to nothing. Stare. Cough. Nothing. Surely this marks the end. The ink pumping through my veins yesterday abandons me today, leaving my pen lifeless. Colors beginning to fade into a ghostly pastel painting and soon again into the gray vastness of emptiness.

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Midnight bicycle (15)

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Dreaming of Tranquility (14)

Everyday slower than the last. The river that passes through town seems to be the only stable body. One man sleeps while another fishes in the sun. The cool calm air brushes lightly against their faces. True silence. Breathing and nothing else. The fisherman thinks about the weight he would experience at the bottom of the river. The sleeper wonders the same.

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Writing Exercise #1 (13)

So recently I have decided to develop and complete writing exercises as part of my journey for creative progress.  The idea came to me when I was reading a novel earlier this week and the author came up with just an incredible way to describe the simplest object, and so naturally I said to myself, “How did he come up with that?” This question lead to the first writing excerise of the blog that I completed today, and will share with you below. Before I get into that, I just want to give a quick reminder about the purpose of Project 366. Project 366 is about writing everyday, taking photos once a week, and adapting one of the pieces of writing into a short film every other week. Why? To improve as a writer and photographer, and analyze how these improvements affect the progression of filmmaking. I hope these writing exercises will accelerate my skills as a writer, and as a resut affect me as a filmmaker.

The first Writing exercise requires you to take a single object and find 25 words to describe it( I will do variations of this in the future and increase the nummber of words, forcing you to get even more creative).

Object: An old used book from an antique store.

1. Old (haha give me a break. it’s just word 1) 2. withered 3. heavy 4. wise 5. poetic 6. blue 7. faded 8. unappreciated 9. lost 10. forgotten 11. french 12. foreign ( another country)      13. foreign ( another time) 14. hypnotic 15. mysterious 16. antiquated 17. legato                          18. minimal 19. frayed 20. worn 21. ignored 22. abandoned 23. drowned 24. nostalgic      25.  formidable

I would love to see what you guys come up with! In the comment box tell us your item and the 25 words you described it with.

If you enjoyed this writing exercise and want to do more, or if you want to help me in my journey for creative progress, please subscribe and leave me your feedback.

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Today’s Post!!!!!! (12)

Today’s post!!!!!!!

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Morning Symphony (11)

Early morning. The exhaustion from yesterday’s work starting take its toll. The coffee pot coughs and spits in harmony with the eggs buzzing on the pan. The stomach sings while knives preform the three person tango with butter and bread. The sun just about to hit the horizon, erasing the morning twilight The Coffee smells burnt.

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Strangling The Movie Theater Experience (10)

Unfortunately the movie theater experience is an expereience that i believe for many reasosns has been taken for granted in the past five or so years. With the ability to quickly download and stream videos from your computer, dvr, and even a telephone, many choose to skip the movie going event for the convenience and cost efficiency (free) of this new format. I completely understand why saving money seems appealing, but I would like to make my argumeant for why spending seven dollars for a movie beats streaming it on your Imac pro (also if you own an imac pro you can spare 7$ for a movie!).

I had a professor who used to say that if you have never seen Citizen Kane on the big screen then you have never seen Citizen Kane. I hadn’t seen it on the big screen until the night after he said that. He was absolutely right. The movie felt completely different to me and since I have been obsessed with understanding why. Here are some reasons I have gathered beyond the obvious atrocious quality of streaming it through 380p on YouTube.

#1 Filmmakers think about their movies played on the big Screen when considering the decisions that make the structure of the film. Little Details that tend to significant ideas about the film might appear too small on a television and especially a phone. You might not think that the small clock on the mantle in the murderes house carried any significance but quite often it does, and effects you in some way or another. This small detail would appear much larger on the big screen as intended.

#2 Sound. there is a reason why an entire team works together to create the symphony of sound you hear on the movie; Because it’s important and can only be truly appreciated with the sophisticated sound system this symphony was intended for. The explosions in saving private Ryan, Pacino commanding the screen in his dog day afternoon monologues, and the intricate sound design of the science fiction world of star wars just plain out sounds better at the movie theatre than on a computer.

#3 SIZE!!!! A train approaching the screen triggers much more of an emotional response in its massive scale then a tiny train coming at you.

#4 It’s 12: 20 Am. The last preview of the bunch closes up. Slowly the chatters of a couple hundred people slopes down toward zero. Silence. The first frame of The Dark Knight Rises takes control of the screen and the beauty and the tension is felt by everyone around you . Seeing a movie with a massive group of people who are all experiencing the movie changes everything. Who would want to ride roller-coasters by themselves all day. I hope no one.

Here is a clip of current filmmaker david lynch complaing about today’s trends http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKiIroiCvZ0

and here is a 1911 article about the beauty of the movie theater experience when it was very appreciated, at least by a certain class.  http://www.public.asu.edu/~dgilfill/pdf/articles/filmtheory/romains_cinematograph.pdf

I’m sure there are many more I have left out but I hope you get the idea. If you agree or disagree, or have even more reasons, I would love to hear your comments.

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