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Next Sleep (3)

How Strange it is that one can have a thought about another and never reach those ears. Every word, lyric, poem that does not escape the mouth, dies in the mind. Such a thing as a worthless thought? Or all thoughts unshared … Continue reading

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The Eyes of the Middle (1)

 One face  young, Still smooth and pure from the imperfectons of time. One face old, full of wrinkles that tell the beautiful story of life. The youthful eyes whisper an airy innocence that seems forgotten. The elder eyes hold and ocean of … Continue reading

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First Post – An Introduction

Hello, I go by Harper Knox and I currently live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As an aspiring filmmaker the art of photography and writing, two fields inextricably linked to cinema, interest me deeply. However, the photography of motion pictures and screenwriting use very different … Continue reading

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