About Project (366)

Hello, I go by Harper Knox and I currently live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As an aspiring filmmaker the art of photography and writing, two fields inextricably linked to cinema, interest me deeply. However, the photography of motion pictures and screenwriting use  different techniques and theory from conventional photography and writing, and each skill deserves its own and different recognition. I find that although these medias represent very different art forms the improvement of one impacts the other. As I said, I make movies. I don’t know how to properly capture a single moment in a photo and my mediocre writing skills are just developing. This blog came to life as a decision to find time to better my state in both of these art forms I love. The goal is to write one post a day, in the form of poetry, short short story, or anything in particular I feel I might want to write about, and to go once a week to shoot photos and pick my personal favorites to display. In addition, every other week I plan on adapting one of the pieces of writing into a short film that I also plan to post. The overall objective is to look at my work one year from now and evaluate how my writing and photography has improved and more importantly analyze how these improvements affected me as a filmmaker through the bi-weekly short films. I know the idea of people caring about my personal goal is absurd but my reasoning for sharing it publicly is to receive immediate, and unbiased, feedback and criticism. Whether one works as a photographer, filmmaker, writer, or perhaps just an interested person in my goal, I hope to make improvements by reading the responses from these people following my journey.

To everyone who helps me along the way or even to those who might follow purely on their interest, Thank you.



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