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Strangling The Movie Theater Experience (10)

Unfortunately the movie theater experience is an expereience that i believe for many reasosns has been taken for granted in the past five or so years. With the ability to quickly download and stream videos from your computer, dvr, and … Continue reading

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Two Important movies, one important statement. (6)

In an earlier post I discussed my feelings toward technological progressions and my recent embrace of the digital community. Although I completely accept and take part of the many technological advancements of today, I think they often leave behind a detrimental mindset … Continue reading

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First Post – An Introduction

Hello, I go by Harper Knox and I currently live in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As an aspiring filmmaker the art of photography and writing, two fields inextricably linked to cinema, interest me deeply. However, the photography of motion pictures and screenwriting use very different … Continue reading

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